Wilderness Cove Tubing & Camping

3772 Green River Cove Road

Saluda, North Carolina 28773



The Green Race

This Class V kayaking race draws a large crowd every year.  Hundreds of spectators line the banks of this remote section of river and watch "the single most famous, most respected, and most competitive creek race on the planet."  Learn more at: greenrace.amongstit.com

Blue Ridge Barbecue & Music Festival

This is a great way to kick off the Summer with great food and music.  Find out more at:  blueridgebbqfestival.com

Coon Dog Day

This is a unique festival that takes place in downtown Saluda every year the Saturday after the 4th of July.  It's a great event for the whole family...especially your dog.  Find out more at:  Coon Dog Day

Events in the Green River Area

Many local events occur in our area every year.  Here are a few of them that fill up our campground.  If you're planning on camping with us one of these weekends, plan on making reservations well in advance. 

Jerry's Baddle

This dual sport race requires Class V kayaking skills and enough breath left to peddle 26 mountainous miles.  It's a benefit race held at our place every year.  Lean more at:  jerrysbaddle.org