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The Green north carolina tubing in Saluda 

Why is this river so different?  Most importantly, it is a dam controlled river.  The Green River flows into Lake Summit.  The water is held by the Tuxedo hydro-station owned by Duke Power.  The water then flows through a moderate section of white water know as the"Upper Green."  Then the water flows through the most dangerous section of white water know as "The Green River Narrows." A few miles down stream the river passes by a public access area know as "Fish Top."  Another mile and a half down river the water flows under a bridge at ourcampground.  Three miles later the water flows under a second concrete bridge similar to the first.  A mile and a half further the water flows past another public access area know as "Big Rock" aka "Fish Bottom." A few miles later the river deepens and the flow slows as the Green River runs into Lake Adger. 

Who does what??

The Narrows section of the river boasts multiple Class 5+ and Class 4 rapids.  Only the most experienced paddlers kayak this section of the river.  Paralysis and death are possibilities to consider before navigating this dangerous section of the Green. 

The upper has a few challenging rapids and best suits a moderately experienced paddler.  Kayaking this section takes local experience in navigating the takeout. 

The "Lower Green" starts at the Fish Top Access Area and ends at the Big Rock Access Area.  The Lower has Class 1 and Class 2 rapids.  This 6 mile section of river is where all of our tubing trips take place.