Wilderness Cove Tubing & Campground

3772 Green River Cove Road

Saluda, North Carolina 28773



It's something to see even if you don't plan on paddling down it.  This is one the Southeast's most popular sections of Class 5 whitewater.  Kayakers from around the world visit this small section of river every year to challenge their skills.  This hike is a bit more difficult than most in the area.  There are a couple of ways to reach the entrance trail that descends into the narrows..  This trail quickly falls off the Pulliam Creek trail and falls nearly a thousand feet in a few hundred yards, you'll see ropes to help you down.  After you reach the river you can rock hop up river for about a half of a mile.  If you are lucky, you might get to see a few boats float by.  

CAUTION: This is not a maintained trail, state or otherwise.

CAUTION: There are no hand rails, steps, or Park Rangers to point the way.

CAUTION: People have died in this section of river.  Proceed with Caution.

Wilderness Cove Tubing & Campground does not assume any liability concerning the use or condition of these trails or areas.  This page is for informational purposes only and is not considered a comprehensive guide to the above trails or areas.  Proceed with caution and at your own risk. 

Before the North Carolina Wildlife Commission owned this property it was once an old farm.  An old barn still stands on the property.  It's an in and out walk down a gravel road with very little climb.  It's a little over a mile to the Cove Creek crossing.  You can turn around here or rock hop across the creek and see even more fields on the lower side of the creek.

The Green River Game Land Trails

The 16 miles of trails in the Green River Game Lands are a joint project between Mountain True and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.   One of the main trail heads is right across the road from our campground.  The trails range from short evening walks to day long treks.. There are numerous creeks and waterfalls along the way.  Trails do have markers at intersections but are not marked along the way.  They are heavily used through out the year and are well worn paths.  We try to keep maps on hand at our office, but they go quickly.  Check out  Mountain True on their website.

The Green River Narrows

This is a beautiful waterfall located on the Green River Game Lands.  Big Bradley is around an eighty foot drop on Cove Creek.  Cove creek then flows into the Green River around 2 miles downstream.  Coming in from the top requires driving to the trail head off Holbert Cove Road.  The bottom route starts at our campground.  The lower route is a longer walk that is mostly flat and is much safer compared to the top trail.  The top trail is quicker but requires some scrambling to get to the base of the falls.. There is also the possibility of falling off the rim of the rock shelf surrounding the falls.  The trails and ledges are not marked, so approach this area with extreme caution. 

CAUTION: This is not a maintained trail, state or otherwise. 

CAUTION: There are no hand rails, steps, or Park Rangers to point the way.

CAUTION: People have died falling off the rock cliffs surrounding this waterfall. 

Wallcot Bottoms

Hiking Opportunities

Bradley Falls